Coronavirus coming to your town? How it affects current and upcoming visitor in the UK

Coronavirus is a new virus that has not been seen in humans before. It has outbreak aggressively in China, and spreading around the world. Unfortunately, the infection rate has accelerated and shown no sign of slowing down.

Sadly, the virus starts booming when Chinese New Year is in the air; thought is turning to holidays or spending quality time with friends and families in oversea. UK is one of the visitors’ favorite holiday destinations. Most visitors require a UK visitor visa in order to visit the UK for traveling purposes.

The Standard Visitor Visa

Based on the existing UK immigration rules, C-visit visa is usually granted for up to 6 months. If you need to visit the UK regularly over a longer period, you can apply for a long-term Standard visitor visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years. You can stay for a MAXIMUM of 6 months on each visit. However, if it is clear from an individual’s travel history that they are making the UK their home, Home Office staff can refuse their entry or visa application.

Be Caution

Many Chinese visitors or their family members have concerns over the coronavirus. Some are planning to extend their stay in the UK or some are planning to apply for visitor visa to the UK. So here come the questions:

Does the 2 years multiple-entry visitor visa allow the visitors to continuously extend their stay in the UK for 2 years?

  • As shows in the name, the 2 years’ multiple-entry visitor visa only allows Chinese visitors, to make MULTIPLE TRIP to the UK within the 2 years. It doesn’t allow the visitor to stay in the UK for a continuous of 2 years.

Application for Visitor Visa

To make an application for 2 years multi-entry visitor visa, the applicant must show that he/she is a “genuine visitor” and What amount to “genuine visitor” can be very subjective in certain circumstances.

The applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • personal circumstances;
  • intention of the trip;
  • travel and immigration history;
  • credibility; etc.

As such, despite 2 years, a multiple-entry visitor visa is now be permitted, but there are always underlying rules or exceptional circumstances that are applied on the visitor/applicant. Thus, the visitors/applicants should always expect the requirements of the immigration rules to be enforced as strictly as they were before. It is, therefore, advices to have a legal consultant with an immigration law firm, to check the eligibility of extending your stay in the UK using a 2-year multi-entry visitor visa or avoid any visa refusal on your application.

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