The UKVI introduced the Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence system in November 2008 which replaced the previous Work Permit system. Companies are duly required to submit a Sponsor Licence application.

A granted Sponsor Licence is valid for 4 years and thereafter, should the organization continue to require their Sponsor Licence, a renewal request can be made for a licence period of a further 4 years. Many sponsor licences will therefore fall for renewal this November.

Immigration Service – Sponsor Licence Renewal

To submit a renewal application, the Sponsor must do so online via the online Sponsor Management System (SMS). Once the request has been submitted a ‘Submission sheet’ will be generated which will need to be completed, signed and sent to the Sponsor Licensing Unit. The UKVI will assess the Sponsor Licence details and history. Should further documentation be required then the Sponsor Licensing Unit will write to request any information or documents and will have to be sent to them within 7 calendar days. If the documents are not submitted then the UKVI can refuse the application and the fee will not be refunded. A further application can be made before the Sponsor Licence expiry date.

  • Assess its existing sponsorship licence: we will go through all details in the existing company account on SMS. Ranging from CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship), to Company details, Level 1 and Level 2 user details, etc. we look for any inconsistency.
  • Remind/Advice sponsor’s duties and responsibilities: home Office brings new regulations and updates every year and compliance is constantly and rigorously checked. Our service includes overseeing in this matter, gives you the latest updates and gives recommendation on methods of compliance.
  • Update its current staff data, structure of the organisation: you should undertake an HR review to ensure that your company is complying with its UKVI record keeping and reporting duties and that it has performed right to work checks on staff in accordance with the UKVI guidance on preventing illegal working. These checks apply to all employees regardless of their nationality. You should also check that up-to-date personnel records have been retained in each case.
  • Checking all supporting document for submission: as for the actual renewal itself, we would help prepare all the necessary documents for the renewal application.
  • Act as its legal representative and apply to be a level one user: a level one includes all the daily SMS management, ie any change on sponsor details, employee details, etc.
  • Follow up until a result from the Home Office: we will continue to support our client in all sort of circumstances, we endeavour to help our client even in complex situation.

Our Services

UK Visa Partners can assist your Skilled Worker Sponsorship License compliance duties:

  • Advise clients on the latest changes to the immigration rules;
  • Advice on core duties assigned to the authorising officer, key personnel and Level 1 user;
  • Assist with preparing for home office compliance visits;
  • Assist with challenging negative UKVI auditing inspection findings;
  • Request additional certificates of Sponsorship when required and assigning them to the relevant applicants;
  • Conduct an annual review of our clients’ files to ensure compliance with duties under the Point Based System including new employee checking procedures, reporting and recommending changes; and
  • Assist with Skilled Worker and Intra-Company transfer visa applications.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on +44 (0)20 7253 6888 by phone or by e-mail. We will endeavour to provide you with the highest standard of service!

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