Shall I apply to extend stay in the UK when Coronavirus spread?

Recently, we have received a lot of messages from our clients. Their UK visa are about to expire, but during the time of coronavirus spread period, they were worried about get infected when traveling.So, can you extend your visa or can you apply for a FLR visa?

If your visa is about to expire, you may consider FLR (HRO) visas as appropriate.

What is a FLR (HRO) visa

FLR means ‘Further Leave to Remain’, which means to extend the length of stay on the basis of the original visa. FLR (HRO) is a human rights-based extension of residence in the UK or a residence permit in the UK for reasons not covered by the Immigration Rules. . In other words, you can’t find another type of visa to submit an extension or renew your UK visa

Can I apply for a FLR (HRO) visa?

To apply for a FLR (HRO) visa, you must meet the following conditions.

1. Your situation deserves sympathy and the reasons given are compelling

2. Conditions met outside the Immigration Rules

3. Meeting the conditions of a human rights statement

4. Postponed for medical or illness reasons

5. Discretionary stay visa (DL), you have previously obtained permission from the DL and have not been denied asylum

6. Get DL Extended Stay and less than 4 years

7. Other statements not covered

How to apply

You need to submit the application form (basic process) online and upload the required materials and forms within ten working days, but the specific materials and documents have not been given clear regulations by the USCIS. If you decide to apply for a FLR (HRO) visa, please consult a professional lawyer to ensure that all materials and documents are qualified.

Application fee

When applying for a FLR (HRO) visa, you need to pay Immigration health surcharge (IHS), which is an immigration medical surcharge. Depending on the type of visa and the length of stay you are applying for, the billing method is different. You can calculate the cost on the official website of the Immigration Department.

If you cannot afford the application fee and living expenses required during the extension, you can also fill in the form to apply for a fee waiver.

Although the epidemic is severe at home and abroad, if you want to apply for a FLR (HRO) visa, you still need to give a strong reason.

1. The epidemic situation at home and abroad is complicated, and it is difficult to buy direct flights from Britain to various areas in China. And some routes have also been grounded. So on your way home you may be at risk of infection due to connecting flights and travel. Or it is impossible to buy a return ticket on time.

2. Proof of the huge risk of infection on the way back for elderly or frail patients.

3. If your city is still closed (such as Wuhan), you need to provide proof that you cannot return to your home because of the closure.

4. In addition, in accordance with the latest policies on domestic immigration controls, persons entering from severely affected countries need to be quarantined. For example, Guangdong Province will adopt quarantine measures for people entering from severely affected countries. It can also prevent you from returning to your hometown on time.


Ms. Leng, 62, is a cancer patient from China. After her husband, who was also diagnosed with cancer, died, she came to the home of her only daughter living in the UK on a tourist visa to receive care from her daughter and son-in-law. However, we know that people holding tourist visas can only stay in the UK for a short period of time, and the frail Ms. Leng is facing the situation that the tourist visa is about to expire. This is undoubtedly a difficult problem for her who has difficulty taking care of herself and has depression and long-term insomnia symptoms. Therefore, Ms. Leng’s family found our human rights lawyer. After understanding the situation, we thought that it was unreasonable to ask Ms. Leng to return to the country immediately at first. Firstly, Ms. Leng was difficult to take care of herself. Loved ones around. It is obviously unreasonable to let the daughter and son-in-law who have already obtained permanent residence give up their jobs and income in the UK with Ms. Leng. In addition, Ms. Leng also suffers from mental illness and needs her relatives to accompany her. From a human rights perspective, we helped Ms. Leng apply for an FLR visa during the validity period of her visa and successfully helped her to extend it.

We will continue to pay attention to the latest epidemic situation and related policies issued by the British Immigration Office. If you have any visa-related issues, please contact us by phone or via WeChat. Stay safe.




FLR意为Further Leave to Remain, 即在原来签证的基础上延长逗留时间,FLR(HRO)是以人权为基础申请在英国的延期居留或以《移民规则》未涵盖的原因申请在英国的居留许可。换言之,你找不到其他类别的签证可以递交延期或续签英国签证。



1. 您的境遇值得被同情,且给出的理由令人信服

2. 条件满足在《移民规则》之外

3. 满足人权声明的条件

4. 因医疗或疾病原因延期

5. 自由裁量逗留签证 (DL),您此前已获得DL的许可且没有被拒绝庇护

6. 获得DL延长逗留且少于4年

7. 未涵盖的其他声明




申请FLR (HRO) 签证,是需要付 Immigration health surcharge(IHS)即移民医疗附加费的,根据您的签证类别和申请停留时间的不同,计费的方式也不同。您可以在移民局官网计算所需费用。


虽然国内外疫情严重,如果您想要申请FLR (HRO) 签证,还是需要给出强有力的理由

1. 国内外疫情复杂,以英国飞中国境内各地区已经很难买到直达航班了。且部分航线也已经停飞。因此回国的路途中您可能存在由于转机和旅行造成的感染风险。或无法买到按时返程的机票。

2. 年老或体弱多病者返程途中面临的巨大感染风险证明。

3. 如果您的城市还是处于封闭状态(如武汉),您则需要提供因封城原因无法返回家中的证明。

4. 此外,根据国内入境管制的最新政策,由疫情严重国入境的人员需要进行隔离。如广东省将对由疫情严重国入境的人员采取隔离措施。也会造成您无法按时返回自己的家乡。


62岁冷女士是一名来自中国的癌症患者,在同样被确诊为癌症的丈夫去世后,持旅游签证来到居住于英国的独生女儿家中接受来自女儿及女婿的照料。然而我们知道,持有旅游签证的人只能在英国短期逗留,身体虚弱的冷女士就面临着旅游签证即将到期的情况。这对难以自理并患有抑郁并出现长期失眠症状的她来说无疑是一个棘手的问题。因此冷女士的家人找到了我们的人权律师,在了解情况后,我们认为此时要求冷女士立刻返回国是不合理的,首先冷女士难以自理,需要有人陪伴和照料,且冷女士回国后没有亲人左右。如若让已经拿到永居的女儿和女婿放弃在英国的工作和收入一同与冷女士回国显然也不合理。除此之外,冷女士还患有精神疾病,就更需要亲人陪伴在旁。基于人权角度,我们在签证有效期内帮助冷女士申请了FLR 签证,成功的帮助她延期。


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