A new UK Scale-up Worker Visa

Scale-up Business and Scale-up Worker Visa

From 22 August 2022, a new Scale-up visa is launched by the UK government to help UK employer to benefit from talented overseas workers who can help them scale up business especially those fast-growing businesses.

An eligible scale-up businesses

The sponsor (employer) must be an eligible fast-growing business (AKA a ‘scale-up business’).

In the 3 year period immediately before they were approved by the Home Office to sponsor scale-up workers, they must have:

  • grown by on average of 20% in each year in either employment or total sales (turnover)
  • had at least 10 employees at the starting of the 3 year period

Qualified job

You must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for a Scale-up Worker visa:

  • your job is eligible for this visa (Match the published Occupation code (Table of eligible occupations )
  • you’ll be working for a UK scale-up business that’s been approved by the Home Office
  • you’ll meet the salary requirements
  • you’ll be working in your sponsored job for at least 6 months

Salary requirements

You’ll need to be paid whichever is the highest out of the following 3 options:

  • £33,000 per year
  • £10.10 per hour
  • the ‘going rate’ for the type of work you’ll be doing

No Immigration Skills Charge for the sponsor.

A great benefit for the sponsor.

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