After new UK visa point based system launched, government advice employers apply for Tier 2 sponsor licences

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, unveiled the UK’s new points-based visa and immigration system on 19 February, 2020 after Brexit. The new immigration bill will come into effect from 1 January, 2021 and will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally.

New UK points-based immigration system

The new scheme will score applicants from skills, qualifications, salary levels, language skills, etc., and must reach 70 points to be approved to work in the UK. High-skilled people, including scientists, engineers and academics, will be Britain’s top targets for attracting immigrants.

Under the new system, there are 9 conditions, which are mandatory requirements (3 items), salary level (3 levels), and additional points (3 items).

For example, a university researcher who wants to obtain at least 70 immigration points for a visa might look like this:

Also, the skills threshold will go down from RQF6 to RQF3. These changes will ensure that a wide pool of skilled workers will be able to come to the UK from anywhere in the world and the process will be made simpler and quicker for employers. These are important changes signalling that the UK is open for business.

How does it benefits non-EU talents such as oversea students?

The most direct benefit is that the barriers to entry and staying in the UK have been lowered. This points-based system will cover students. If they can prove that they have been accepted by an accredited educational institution, speak English and can provide support during their studies in the UK, they will achieve the required score. In addition, the ‘PSW’ work visa, which has been cancelled for many years, is finally returning.

However, it is because many British companies rely on European immigration that many companies have not applied for a Tier 2 Sponsor licence. So government advice employers not currently approved by the Home Office to be a sponsor should consider doing so now if they think they will want to sponsor skilled migrants, including from the EU, from early 2021.

UK Visa Partners have helped many British employers obtain Tier 2 work permits and helped many applicants successfully obtain Tier 2 visas. Our clients include well-known multinational real estate companies and multinational educational institutions.




1. 有雇主愿意雇用,加20分;
2. 申请的是需要相应技能的工作岗位,加20分;
3. 讲英语,加10分;
4. 工资年薪2.2万英镑,起始点0分;(注:年薪20480英镑至23039英镑之间积分为0,年薪23040英镑至25599英镑之间积分为10分,年薪25600万英镑以上为20分)
5. 拥有科技、技术、工程和数学领域的博士学位,加20分。



不过,正是因为众多英国企业依赖于欧洲移民,因此很多企业都没有申请雇主牌照即 Tier 2 Sponsor licence. 英国政府也考虑到了这一问题,并且敦促未获内政部批准为保荐人的雇主申请工作签证资助牌照。以此资助更多包括欧盟在内的技术移民。


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