Sponsor License for EmployersIn order to employ a non-EEA national, the company (‘employer’) must hold a Home Office sponsor license. That license gives you the ability to issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) which are an essential part of the employee’s visa application under either Tier 2 or Tier 5 of the Points Based System.

Applying for a sponsor license can be a lengthy and frustrating process as the Home Office scrutinises every application from top to bottom, and the rules are extremely complex. The documents they accept are strictly prescribed, and you will also have to convince the Home Office that your company is ‘suitable’ and can fulfil your sponsorship duties. Supporting documents either have to be originals or certified copies, and the certification must be done in line with the policy guidance.

Often, companies seek help from us after they have tried applying on their own and ended up being refused due to a lack of supporting documents or the incorrect format in which the documents were prepared. The Home Office has a massive backlog of applications to process, therefore, it is of utmost importance that you submit your application well in advance before employing a non-EEA national. And as explained, getting your application right the first time round is crucial, because you do not want to be waiting for a refusal and then re-apply, whilst your non-EEA employee could have been working for you already.

Sponsorship Licence Requirements 

There are several Sponsorship Licence requirements that you need to meet if you are an employer looking to find out how to get a Sponsor Licence and employ foreign workers:

How to get a Sponsor Licence for your business:

  1. Check that your business is eligible: to be eligible staff members must not have any history of immigration offences, crimes or past failure to meet sponsorship duties.
  2. Decide the type of licence you require: this is determined by the type of worker you want to sponsor.
  3. Nominate the employees that will be responsible for managing your business’ sponsorship: these cannot be shareholders and they must be senior members of the company. You will need to choose at least two members to use the Sponsorship Management System (SMS).
  4. Apply online and pay the home office fee: this caries depending on the type of visa you want to sponsor and the size of your business.
  5. Prepare a pre-approval audit from the Home Office.

Our Services

UK Visa Partners provides a solution-based approach to meet with client needs and expectations, we can assist with the following tasks:

  • Advise on the most suitable structure of licence to apply for i.e. single or multiple;
  • Advise on whether it is necessary to meet with the Resident Market Test;
  • Advise on whether your existing HR systems are adequate for you to meet you’re your obligations as a Tier 2 Sponsorship licenced employer;
  • Assist with the drafting the Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence application online;
  • Assist with the collation of supporting documentation to support the Sponsorship Licence application;
  • Provide Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence training to authorising officer, key contact and level 1 users;
  • Advise on how to apply and assign an unrestricted or restricted certificate of sponsorship; and
  • Advise on the genuine vacancy requirement in accordance with the published policy guidance.

We are able to guide you through the entire application process step by step. Although we will be pedantic when asking for the right documents from you, we are simply doing our best to minimise the risk of refusal.

Should you be interested in applying for a sponsor license, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on +44 (0)20 7253 6888 by phone or info@ukvisapartners.com by e-mail.

Sponsor License for Employers如果要聘请一个非欧洲经济区国家的国民,该公司必须持有工作签证的赞助牌照。该牌照将赋予您出具担保证书 (CoS) 的权利。CoS 是海外员工申请 Tier 2 或 Tier 5 签证的最重要的一个部分。

申请赞助牌照是一个漫长而令人沮丧的过程,因为内政部会切切底底地审查每一个细节。他们的规则相当之复杂,而且他们所接受的文件档案的规格是十分的严厉。并且您亦有责任要说服内政部你的公司是 “合适的”,并能满足赞助人的责任。申请证明文件必须是原件或经核证副本,核证副本必须符合内政部要求的格式。



如果您有兴趣申请工作签证的赞助牌照,请不要犹豫,立即与我们联系 。 电话: +44 (0) 20 7253 6888 电邮: info@ukvisapartners.com

Sponsor License for Employers非EEA国籍者を雇用するには、内務省によるスポンサーライセンスが必 要です。このライセンスを所持しますと、 Points Based Systemの Tier 2 ・Tier 5 ビザに必要なCertificates of Sponsorship (CoS)(スポン サーシップ証明)を非EEA国籍就労者に与えることができます。

内務省は非常に詳細にアプリケーションを調査し、申請に関する手続き もとても複雑です。求められる書類も厳しく特定されており、スポン サーとしての適切性と、必要条件を全て満たしていることを立証しなけ ればなりません。書類は全てオリジナルか、政策指針に基づいた認証謄 本である必要があります。

私どものクライアント様にも、ご自身で一度申請したものの、書類の不 足やフォーマットの間違いなどの理由で内務省から拒否されたケースが 多くございます。内務省は多くのアプリケーションを審査しているの で、非EEA国籍者を雇用する際には、十分な余裕をもってスポンサーラ イセンスを申請されることをお勧めします。当社は全ての手続きについ てサービスをご提供させていただきます。

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