What happens if EU citizens refuse to apply for the settlement scheme?

According to one recent survey, there is 7% minority who seem to think they don’t need to apply to remain in the UK, according to one recent survey. Some of them feel offended by the idea of having to apply for the privilege of remaining in their homes after they had children and bought properties in the UK.

But what happens if EU citizens refuse to apply?

Refusing to apply puts people at risk of forcible removal. EU citizens who ignore the Settlement Scheme will eventually be at risk of forcible removal because they will become unlawfully resident, in breach of UK immigration laws

While there may be other ways for EU citizens to remain in the UK without applying to the Settlement Scheme – for example, through marriage to a British citizen or having lived in the UK for a certain period of time – such routes cost thousands of pounds and require multiple applications before achieving the same security as settled status.

The government has responded tetchily to recent suggestions that EU citizens who failed to apply by the June 2021 deadline were at risk of “automatic deportation”. But it essentially reiterated that allowances will only be made where there are “reasonable grounds” for having failed to apply in time. It remains to be seen exactly what constitutes reasonable grounds and how long this concession will extend for.

We highly recommend you apply for the EU settlement scheme if you plan to stay in the UK. Need a hand? Talk to us.

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