UK Visa Partners is a limited company established since 2007, and has been providing the best of legal services on immigration matters with high first-time approval rates for 14 years running. Our service is regulated by the OISC (The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and working closely with the Home Office, and we adhere to every prescribed rule. Defrauding and swindling do not exist in our dictionary.

Our clientele

We have been serving customers from every corner of the world since 2007 with an immaculate record of first-time approval rates on visa applications. Our extensive scope of service does not only cover applications and extensions, it also reaches out to talented individuals in the field of academia, art and politics, who wish to apply for permanent residence or naturalisation as a British Citizen.

What sets us apart

Our broad-scale client base from the UK, China and Malaysia, coupled with our seamless relationship with both the Home Office and the OISC, are just some of the aspects that differentiate us from our main competitors.

To add to this, every one of our employees is registered with the OISC as licensed immigration lawyers. They have all undergone long periods of specialist training in immigration law and are fully aware of the demands of individual customers. The extent to which we prioritise our clients’ concerns is best illustrated by how we assign at least two experienced lawyers to oversee each case. This way, we can be doubly sure that there is no margin for error on any application, which further reinforces our concept of getting approvals the first time round.

Furthermore, we regard every clients as our partner, and we fully respect them and their personal achievements. We strongly believe that cooperation with our clients can lead us to greater success and that aggressive sales culture has no place in our company.

Moreover, what matters most to us is not profit, but reputation, because after all, you can only lose your reputation once. This was, is and will forever be our mentality and we take pride in it. Honesty and integrity are our key to success.

Special service

We can help check visa applications. A number of our clients are knowledgeable in immigration law and fill in their own forms. However, they still feel uneasy submitting their application on their own. They want to be approved the first time round and this is where we come in. As long as you do everything as prescribed by us, we will put you in good stead for your application.

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