If you and your family want a better quality of life, or expand your business overseas, then migrating to the United Kingdom will be in your best interest.

It is a country with profound cultural foundations, a social environment and a public health service like no other, and a renowned education system. These are just some of the main reasons why people migrate here. In contrast, the United Kingdom provides a far greater degree of social security than the United States; and life here is incomparably more enthralling than the dull and dreary one in Canada.

Britain is widely regarded as the world’s top education provider. Your child can kill two birds with one stone by being schooled in a balanced and stress-free environment, and graduating with an internationally recognised degree at the same time.

As for businesspersons who want to expand their businesses overseas, there is no doubt the UK will be their best choice, due to her political and economic stability, and the spending powers of her residents. Britain is Europe’s most popular destination for investment, while London is Europe’s largest financial centre. Britain will always be your key to the European market!

As for the judicial procedures, the biggest advantage of the United Kingdom immigration law is that it is crystal clear and there are no grounds for refusal if you meet all the conditions. Plus, applications only take around 2-3 months to be processed in general. Immigration rules in the United States and Canada are patchy and they reserve the discretion to refuse you even if you fulfil their requirements. Processing times are much longer and they are no match for the distinctive advantages that migrants enjoy here in the United Kingdom.

Top ten reasons to transact business in United Kingdom

Why International businesses prefer to choose the UK as their destination over other European countries?

  1. A springboard for entering the European market: Britain is part of the EU, which is made up of 27 member states with a population of 500 million. It is the world’s largest single market. There are more and more overseas companies setting up their European headquarters in the United Kingdom, rather than elsewhere. According to the World Bank’s findings, it only takes 13 days to establish a new business in the UK, as opposed to other European countries, in which it generally takes about 32 days on average. In terms of the ease of business development, the World Bank ranked Britain first in Europe, sixth internationally. Britain also has one of the highest GDP growths in Europe, and as you may already know, British Pounds Sterling is the strongest currency in the world. Source: OECD.
  2. Foreign investors prefer countries with low tax rates: From April 2008 onward, the corporate tax rate was cut down to 28%, which is lower than the vast majority of the EU, and one of the lowest in the world. British income tax rate currently stands at 40%, which is one of the lowest rates across the EU. Source: “Forbes” tax misery index (Forbes Tax Misery Index).
  3. English is the international language: the ease of use of English benefits corporations from both the United Kingdom and abroad.
  4. Top business city in Europe: Many important performance indicators show that London is the world’s leading financial hub. In 2006, the European cities Perspective (European Cities Monitor) voted London as the top business city in Europe for the 17th consecutive time. That year, the United Kingdom attracted investment of over 1 trillion US dollars, and was ranked top in Europe, second in the world.
  5. World leader in innovation with the fewest entrepreneurial barriers in the world: Britain has the second most active and innovative entrepreneurship in the world, only beaten to the top spot by the United States. UK has one of the least barriers in the world for venture investment and trade. Source: OECD
  6. One of the world’s most politically stable countries: According to Transparency International’s findings, the United Kingdom is one of the most transparent (least corrupt) countries in the world, ranked higher than France, Germany, the United States and Japan.
  7. Excellent transport links: Britain has a top-notch transport network, with great links to the European continent as well as other parts of the world. London Heathrow airport is the largest aviation hub in Europe, and is getting more and more efficient by the day. London Underground is also the world’s oldest and largest metro system.
  8. High quality of life: British residents enjoy a high standard of living, education and entertainment. In addition to Britain’s rich cultural heritage and recreational facilities, her public health service is free of charge for all residents.
  9. Talent magnet & flexible labour market: According to the findings of Thames Higher Education Supplement, Europe’s top 6 global universities and 2 of the best-performing 3 universities, all belong to Britain. The World Bank ranks the United Kingdom as the “second-most flexible labour market in Europe”, second only to Denmark.
  10. Business Opportunities: Since London hosted the Olympic Games in 2012, related procurement work began in 2007. Bidding contracts are for companies of all sizes, with a total budget of 10 billions of pounds.
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